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We are a digital development house We make cool things for projects we believe in Our specialties are mobile games, mobile apps, and web development


Building excellent software that looks stunning is our motivation. Our team has a wide array of experience in many technologies to meet your needs. Click here, and let us partner with you and we can make your vision happen!

Hi there! Crescent Software is a digital studio located in Toronto, Canada. Our first project was a contract to build a custom CRM solution for a recruitment company in Toronto, Canada. Ten years later, we are active in a variety of software and design projects, ranging from web applications, to mobile applications, to mobile games!

Web Development

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Web development has evolved dramatically over the past decade. Having a website for your business is a critical component to your company brand. Your vision must communicate accurately across any device: desktop, tablet, mobile, and more. We can deliver a website that will respond to any device that views it in a compelling way to draw your target market in.


App Development

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Have a great app idea and need someone to help design and build it? We have built several mobile apps for both iOS and Android in their native device languages. Lately, we have been focused on Software as a Service ideas with web-based implementations that are multi-platform. Whatever your business needs, we have the experience to deliver on your requirements.


Mobile Game Design

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Mobile gaming is an exciting industry that is currently experience double digit growth. We are experienced in both the business of gaming according to the various business models available, the technology of gaming (Unity3D), and the various API packages available in the gaming space.


UX & Visual Design

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Any technical implementation (be it an app, web site, or game) must be paired with a design that fosters a good user experience. We have one of the best UX designers in Toronto at your disposal to design an eye catching project that will inspire you.


Project Management

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All of our projects are tightly managed to ensure they come in on time and on budget. Project scope, milestone dates, and progress reporting are diligently tracked, with regular feedback back to you on progress. As your technology partner, we value the return on investment you want and will work with you to make that happen.



Laser Larry

Fly through space, blow things up! Laser Larry is a mobile shoot-em-up game written in Unity3D. Based on the freemium monetization model, this project features amazing art, simple game mechanics, and endless player enhancement to keep you hooked!

Check out the project's website here:

Conquered in Vancouver and Thailand in 2014 (ongoing)

Dog Park

A fun social networking app for dog owners! Build a profile for your favourite pet, and let your pet's friends know you're headed to the park! Written in Objective-C for iOS, this fun project was our first mobile app!

Conquered in Vancouver in 2013


An internal website implementation for sales reps to process mobile phone applications!

Conquered in Toronto in 2015


Worked with BMO's team on a custom FX Trade Capture tool. Developed requirements documentation, unit testing and business layer logic for processing various FX trade types in C# / JBOSS.

Conquered in Toronto in 2016


Developed 5 websites for Purita Group of companies: Purita Group, Purita Investments, Purita Energy, Radverse, Iris Solutions

Conquered in Toronto in 2016


A website implementation for a local fitness company, solving fitness on the go!

Conquered in Toronto in 2016


Greg Johnson is the founder of Crescent. Over the past decade he has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from full-stack software projects in .Net, to web applications, to mobile development for iPhone. He derives inspiration from the power of technology to change business.

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